Stunning Kiwi Wine Gets The Ball Rolling

IMG_1654 - Copy

Iconically New Zealand

Holy shit!  This little beauty blew my mind…

I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this.  This was something else.  This was like drinking… well, it was like drinking wine because that’s what it is.

Yes it’s all berries and cherries and vanilla and chocolate.  Yes the tannins are so fine it’s like stroking your cheek with a silk handkerchief.  Yes it’s as beautifully balanced as a ping pong ball on a stripper’s nipple.  And yes, I could blah on about it for a very long time – like I swallowed a wine wank dictionary.  But that’s not my thing.

Why did I like this wine?  I liked it because it surprised me.  I liked it because it highlights just how good the Bordeaux blends from Hawke’s Bay can be.  I liked it because I got to share it with friends.  And I liked it because it’s got a pretty good VFM rating on the Dozza Scale.  Not bad for a bottle of wine that I only bought because I once spent a summer working on one of Craggy’s vineyards.

Try it.  Have it with friends.  Have it with food, or not.  Enjoy it.  But please, for the love of God, don’t sit around analysing every mouthful and then wanking on about it for half an hour.

Te Kahu by Craggy Range is available in the UK from Majestic Wines.


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